Helping You Navigate The Probate Process

When a family member passes away, what should you do next? Allow Randal K. Epley — Attorney at Law to carefully and compassionately walk you through the probate process from the initial interview through to the final settlement. From our Russellville office, we help families throughout Logan County and southern Kentucky ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out without incident and pursuant to state laws.

Handling Disputes During Estate Administration

After a loved one passes away, when emotions are running high, disputes can happen. A contested will, a disagreement between beneficiaries or even a disagreement with the executor can lead to conflict and litigation. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple clarification of terms, but even this can require court action.

Our firm is here to help support you by handling those disputes as quickly as possible. Whether you need to take action against an unfit executor or claimant or need an administrator to help work out disagreements within your family, we will represent your needs efficiently and effectively until a final settlement is achieved.

We Can Answer All Of Your Estate Planning Questions

Having a comprehensive plan in place for your assets can simplify the probate process for your loved ones. An experienced estate planning and probate lawyer can guide you through all the options available to you and provide advice tailored to your specific needs. Most importantly, an attorney can ensure that your estate plan is legally sound.

There are many choices to be made when planning your estate. Some of the most common questions that we can help you answer are:

  • How can I best protect my family’s assets from Medicaid recovery?
  • Do I really need to avoid probate?
  • How will inheritance taxes impact my family’s assets?
  • Do I need a will or a trust, and if so, which type suits my situation best?
  • What decisions need to be made to set up a health care directive or living will?
  • When should we transfer property deeds?
  • Who should have power of attorney and when should it be granted?

Whatever questions you have about planning your estate, we can help. Our goal is to make the estate planning process as trouble-free as possible, so that you can concentrate on living your life free from worry.

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Estate planning and administration can be daunting, but with our help, you can make sure that your family’s future is protected and focus on enjoying your life together. Start making informed decisions about your family’s future today — contact us online to arrange a free consultation.

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