Clearing Your Arrest And Conviction Record

Get A Fresh Start Through Expungement

Is a prior conviction preventing you from getting that job you deserve? Is that conviction
preventing your advancement at work? Is an old conviction preventing you from going on school trips with your children? Are you unable to get into that professional school? Under Kentucky law, you may be entitled to clear your record. Allow Randal K. Epley — Attorney at Law to get this old conviction off your back. Contact our office in Russellville immediately to see if you are eligible for expungement.

Expungement is the legal process by which a person can ask the court to seal court records and arrest information relating to an offense. This can be especially helpful when seeking employment or housing. If you have been convicted of a traffic violation or a misdemeanor or charged with an offense that was dismissed or for which you were found not guilty, then you are eligible to file for an expungement.

Defending Your Rights Against Criminal Charges

A criminal record can cause problems for anyone seeking employment or housing. If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s important to contact an attorney immediately to ensure that you have time to assemble the strongest possible case for your defense.

Randal K. Epley — Attorney at Law represents clients facing felony and misdemeanor charges, including those involving meth and other drugs. We serve all of south-central Kentucky, including Bowling Green, Russellville, Hopkinsville and other regions.

Mr. Epley is a former commonwealth attorney with over 30 years’ experience in criminal law. He will work with you to find the right strategy for your defense and make sure that all of the details of your case have been considered with an eye toward achieving the best result. Every client is treated with respect, and you can be sure you will receive the full and undivided attention of an experienced and assertive criminal defense lawyer.

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We take the responsibility of protecting your future extremely seriously. If you are facing
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